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A great deal of time, I do not really know where Trump’s confidence is coming. Despite his “virus will disappear in April,” the mystery of the faith has been playing face truth; “human being shot disinfectant,” the strange idea maligned …… “stable professional” Trump still can not provide up their desire to control the malware every time walk between the “stick of God” and “scientists.” masks for Coronavirus

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such as new vaccines crown, Trump stated that while there will be the end, he says that uncertainty until the starting of self-hypnosis: There is no vaccine pathogen will move.

best n95 masks for coronavirus,Regarding to “Buenos aires Post” reported local time on May 8, afternoon, reporters at the White House asked Trump, “You recently said that if necessary, you may become the first human vaccine inserted new crown , how important perform you believe the final vaccine. “

Trump said:”? I do not say I wanted (first injection), then you do not say ‘you are willing to’, I said that if right. the state is good, I am willing, if the country is not good, I’ll do the last one or not vaccination (vaccine) with ” medical face mask n95.

after being asked vaccine, he went on to say:” I vaccine feels like I’m feeling the same for detection: no vaccine virus disappears it will disappear, and I hope after a while we will not see it again. ” medical face mask n95.

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coronavirus face masks,Trump said that there may be.”. outbreak, “including in the fall or next year, but” in any case in the past. “

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N95 masks for sale,He said: “There are some virus or the flu came, they went to the vaccine, but they never found their vaccine (virus) has disappeared, there have been no they will die, there. like everything else the same. “

in the continuous questioning, Trump for his beliefs had little doubt, he admitted,” they say it will disappear, but that does not mean that this year will be disappeared, frankly, does not mean it will disappear after the fall or autumn. but it will eventually disappear. the question is do we need a vaccine? at some point, it may disappear on their own. but if we have a vaccine that will be very useful. “

a few days before then, Trump thought the vaccine was not the case.

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